Frequently Asked Questions:


I already have a photographer. Why do I need video?

If you had to choose between a photo of your great grandparents' wedding or a video of it, which would you choose? Photography should be an important part of your wedding plans, but so should videography. Pictures are static but video shows life in action, with all the sounds, movement and emotions that go with it.

We're just having a small wedding and don’t really need videography.

Videography doesn’t make your event any bigger than it already is. Your event will remain as intimate as you like. Videography will just capture everything that makes your event special.

I have a relative who’s offered to tape it for me.

If your relative is a professional videographer, that’s great! If not, however, you should know that as professional videographers, we are trained in the art of “Cinematic Wedding Videography”. We know what to capture and how produce a professional movie using master techniques that sets it apart from “Uncle Bob’s” video.

Editing the movie is 75% of the work and sometimes more. We spend 25-30 hours per video creating a unique movie for each couple. We use a variety of state-of-the-art software to create a masterpiece! The finished product is a work of art to cherish for a lifetime.

        “If you'd like a professional-looking video, you're going to  have to go with a pro.”  – Patricia Pasquale,

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